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Top 7 famous Halloween cars

Halloween is nearly upon us, so let’s take a look at some of the most legendary cars from our favourite spooky movies. From the Chevrolet CEO in Jeepers Creepers to the world-renowned Batmobile driven by…

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Which is better – petrol or diesel cars? [Infographic]

Has the time come to buy a new set of wheels? If so, you may be wondering which is better, petrol or diesel cars. The decision isn’t always easy, with both having pros and cons…

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What is the difference between an MOT and a service? What is the difference between an MOT and a service?

At Wyatt’s, we often get asked “what is the difference between an MOT and service?”. Even though the two can seem similar in some ways, they are in fact very different. Both MOTs and servicing…

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Are Tyres Vegan?

Veganism is rapidly growing in popularity. The past year has seen companies across the UK introduce new products to cater to the lifestyle — especially in the food and drink industry. But veganism doesn’t only…

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