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Car DPF Cleaning Services in Barnsley & Wombwell

If you are looking for a local garage which offers DPF cleaning services in Barnsley & Wombwell, we can help. At Wyatt’s, we provide a high-quality DPF cleaning service at a highly competitive price. Our DPF specialists can restore your car’s DPF, removing the soot and contaminants that can impact its performance. We service all makes and models of car, making us the ideal choice for DPF cleaning services in Barnsley

The diesel particulate filter is an integral part of your vehicle. As you drive, the DPF captures and stores soot from the exhaust in a bid to reduce harmful emissions. Over time, soot builds up in your Diesel Particulate Filter and can cause various problems, including:

Poor fuel economy

Excessive fan cooling

Lack of power

Black exhaust smoke

Wyatt’s Auto Services is a leading local garage. We have performed DPF cleaning on a huge number of cars in the area. Working from our fully equipped auto centre located on Mitchells Industrial Park in Wombwell, we can carry out work promptly, returning your car’s DPF to the optimal condition as quickly as possible. 

If you feel a loss of power in your engine (limp mode), you notice an excessive amount of smoke or an increase in fuel consumptions, it’s time to book your car into our garage. We can assess your vehicle’s DPF, restoring it to full capacity in no time at all. We provide a while-you-wait service, which means your vehicle could be back on the road the same day. 

Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning in Barnsley & Wombwell

Every diesel-fuelled car is legally obligated to have a functioning diesel particulate filter. Also, regular cleaning of the filter will remove any soot build-up and keep your filter healthy.

Wyatt Auto Services offer DPF cleaning services in Barnsley and Wombwell. Carried out by highly experienced industry professionals. This, in turn, means that we ensure that every diesel vehicle returns to the road safely. 

DPF checks are part of our comprehensive MOTs. If we notice your diesel particulate filter is not working as it should, we’ll feed the information back to you and propose an efficient and affordable solution. As a family-run business local to the Barnsley area, our priority is to get our customers’ vehicles back to a safe and legal status.

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In conclusion if you’ve noticed signs your car’s DPF is blocked, contact our team today and we’ll get your car booked in to our garage. Call 01226 979 087 or email us at info@wyattautoservices.co.uk. Alternatively, you can get in touch via the Contact box on our website.

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