How often should car brakes be replaced?

How often should car brakes be replaced?

Brakes are essential for slowing down and stopping your car safely. In urgent situations, they can halt a vehicle quickly, helping to prevent collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists. If they’re not working effectively, they may have a slower response time which can lead to serious accidents occurring. If you’re wondering how often should car brakes be replaced, keep reading.  

When to change your brakes 

For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to know when to change your brakes. Whilst this will depend on a variety of factors including driving habits and environment, most manufacturers agree that pads last somewhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, with 50,000 being the average. 

Different driving patterns can have a major effect on how often a car’s brakes require replacing. For example, brake pads could last 60,000 miles on a car that’s mostly driven on the motorway. However, if that same car was driven mostly in a busy city centre, the brakes may only last 25,000 miles. 

Your front brakes are likely to wear out before your rear brakes. This is because they tend to handle more of the braking load, particularly on front-wheel drive vehicles. We advise replacing brake pads once the pad friction material reaches a thickness of 3 mm. Whilst it’s useful to know how often should car brakes be replaced, it’s also important to look out for signs that they have reached the end of their lifespan. 

Signs your brakes need replacing Brake replacement Barnsley

Your car takes longer to stop: If you’ve noticed that your car is taking longer to stop than normal, it’s likely that your brakes need replacing. Your brake pads and discs could have worn down over time, resulting in less grip. Alternatively, the brake fluid might be too old or the hydraulic system may be losing pressure or fluid. There are a number of possible causes.

Squealing noises: When your brake pads erode down below the recommended thickness, you may start to hear a squealing noise each time you press your foot on the brake pedal. Sometimes referred to as brake scrubbing, this sound is due to metal dragging along the metal on the brake disc. You’ll need to replace your pads as soon as possible. 

Grinding sounds: If you ignore the squealing noise from your brakes, it may turn to a sharp grinding sound when you brake. This suggests that the brake disc and the calliper are rubbing together. At this point, not only may you need the brake pads replaced, but the discs or rotors too.

More common signs

Your car is pulling to one side: If your car is pulling to the side when you brake, it’s likely that this is due to unevenly worn brake pads. The problem could also be the calliper. We strongly advise having your brakes inspected by a mechanic and getting them repaired or replaced as soon as possible, particularly if you’re also experiencing squealing or grinding brakes. 

Vibrations: Worn brake pads can cause vibrations. This indicates that they require replacement sooner rather than later. Brake pads that have become filled with oil, dirt and other toxins can also cause vibrations when they attempt to grasp the rotors.

Warning light: A brake warning light on your dashboard is a clear sign that your brakes aren’t working as they should and may require replacement. A likely cause of this light is your brake pads becoming worn. However, it could also be due to leaking brake fluid or the hydraulic brake circuits failing. 

Can brakes fail your MOT? 

The annual MOT test is an event that many motorists dread. After all, there are a whole host of problems with your car that can cause it to fail, leaving you with a potentially hefty repair bill if you want to get it back on the road. You may be wondering if brakes can cause your car to flunk this important test. As you might have guessed, the answer is yes. Brake faults are the reason for one in 10 MOT failures, with worn brake pads amongst the most common causes. You can replace worn brake pads relatively easily and affordably, making it one of the simplest ways to avoid an MOT fail. 

Replacement Brakes BarnsleyBrake repairs in Wombwell

Now you know how often should car brakes be replaced, you may be looking to hire our services. At Wyatt’s Autos, we can carry out brake replacements and brake repairs in Wombwell at highly affordable prices. Our experienced mechanics have changed hundreds if not thousands of brake pads and discs over the years, working on cars of all makes and models. As a result, you can expect to receive a service that’s second to none.  

We’ve been serving motorists in Wombwell and throughout Barnsley for many years, becoming well-known for our carrying out car repair work to the highest possible standards. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the area too, with our team dedicated to providing a real value-for-money service. 

If you suspect that your brakes aren’t working as they should, we advise booking your car into our auto centre as soon as possible. Don’t risk driving with faulty brakes as this can be a huge safety hazard and could put you and other road users at risk. 

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