Should I have winter car maintenance?

Should I have winter car maintenance?

The harsh winter weather can take its toll on your car, with plummeting temperatures and snow and ice affecting several of its key components. If you’re wondering “Should I have winter car maintenance?”, the answer is always yes. Read on to find out why car maintenance is more important than ever during the winter months.

The benefits of car servicing in winter What winter checks should you do on your car?

Servicing is important at any time of the year, with both manufacturers and mechanics advising that a car should be inspected every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Whichever comes first. However, getting a specific winter service for your car is highly recommended. It can help to ensure that your car continues to perform optimally and safely throughout the coldest period of the year. If you’re still not sure of the answer to “Should I have winter car maintenance?”, keep reading. 

Check the tread depth of your tyres

Worn tyres can be dangerous at any time, however, they become even more of a hazard in winter. This is because stopping distances increase when conditions are wet, snowy or icy. Whilst the law says that tyres need a tread depth of at least 1.6mm, some experts, including the RAC recommend changing them at 3mm in winter. When you book your car into Wyatt’s for a winter service, we can check the tread depth of your tyres to ensure that they’re safe for the road.  

Reduce the risk of battery failure

Battery failure is the biggest cause of breakdowns during the winter months. The cold weather can have a serious impact on your battery, with freezing temperatures causing even a fully charged battery to lose power. Batteries over five years old can often struggle to start at this time of year since they are less able to retain their charge. During a winter service, one of our skilled mechanics can carry out a full battery check, making sure it’s fully charged and identifying any problems with this key component of your car.

Check your oil levels

The RAC says that a third of the vehicles it assists are very low on oil, something which can result in engine damage and even a breakdown – something which isn’t ideal in winter. Maintaining the correct level is vital since oil lubricates, cools and protects the components of your engine. The engine is much less likely to seize up and break down if it has sufficient oil. Many modern vehicles have oil-level gauges on their dashboards to allow the driver to see if the oil is at the right level. If yours doesn’t, you’ll need to lift the bonnet and check its dipstick regularly. During a winter service, your mechanic will check your car’s oil level and top it up if required. 

Top up antifreeze

During a winter car service, we’ll check the cooling system. Making sure it has the right amount of antifreeze in it and topping it up if necessary If there’s not sufficient antifreeze, you could experience a serious failure when the thermometer falls below zero. Your mechanic will also inspect other key components of the cooling system, including the radiator, water pump and cooling hoses. They will make sure these parts are free from damage or leaks. Addressing any small issues early can help to avoid bigger, more expensive problems down the line.

Replace the wiper blades and top up the screen wash 

A winter car service will include the checking of your wiper blades. Your mechanic will make sure there are no tears or holes and that they clean your windows effectively. Wipers can easily become worn and damaged during the winter months. Particularly if you make the mistake of using them when the windscreen is iced over. Doing this can cause the rubber to tear. The screen wash level will be checked too during your service. Having sufficient wash fluid is essential. Since you’ll use more of it during winter when it’s wet and muddy and salt from the roads is spraying onto your windscreen.  

Is Your Car Winter ReadyCheck all lights are working

When carrying out winter car maintenance, pay close attention to your lights. Your headlights, taillights, and even interior lights can be vital for maintaining road safety and awareness. Since there’s not only less daylight in winter but also poorer visibility due to bad weather conditions, your lights play an even bigger role in helping you to see and be seen. It’s hugely important for ensuring that you can see where you’re going and that other drivers can see you. Your mechanic will inspect your lights carefully during a winter service, making sure all lights are working properly.

Vehicle servicing in Barnsley 

For vehicle servicing in Barnsley or the surrounding areas, look no further than Wyatt Auto Services. Located on Mitchells Industrial Park in Wombwell, we’re ready and waiting to inspect cars of all makes and models. Even if your car is under warranty, we can carry out servicing without compromising it. We’ll make sure we adhere to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and use genuine parts when replacing anything. 

Vehicle servicing is important at any time of the year, but during winter it can be even more crucial. One of our experienced mechanics will assess your vehicle thoroughly. Ensuring all components are functioning correctly and that there are no safety issues. If we find any problems, we’ll notify you right away and request your consent to carry out the necessary work.

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“Should I have winter car maintenance?” is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Wyatt Autos. Our answer is always yes, get your car serviced at the start of winter so that you know it’s fully prepared for the low temperatures, snow and ice to come. To book vehicle servicing in Barnsley, call us on 01226 979 087 or send us a message via our website. 

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