Top 7 famous Halloween cars

Top 7 famous Halloween cars

Halloween is nearly upon us, so let’s take a look at some of the most legendary cars from our favourite spooky movies. From the Chevrolet CEO in Jeepers Creepers to the world-renowned Batmobile driven by Batman himself, here’s our run-down of the top 7 famous Halloween cars. 

Chevrolet COETop 7 famous Halloween cars

In the movie Jeepers Creepers, The Creeper drives a rusty Chevrolet COE. The truck is used to track down two siblings, which it is determined to eat. In the movie, it featured a personalised registration plate with the message ‘BEATNGU’. Over the past couple of decades, this has become one of cinema’s most-recognised Halloween cars. The movie came out in 2001 in the UK, turning Justin Long and director Victor Salva into high-profile names. 

Jaguar XJ12

Featured heavily in 2004 zom-com Shaun of the Dead, this car played a pivotal role in the movie alongside stars like Shaun Pegg and Nick Frost. A hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Shaun of the Dead grossed $30 million worldwide despite only having a budget of $6.1 million. Many of the actors in Shaun of the Dead also starred in the late 1990s Channel 4 sitcom Spaced. The movie is part of a trilogy alongside Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Legend has it that it was originally entitled ‘Tea Time of the Dead’. 

Chevrolet Nova & Dodge ChallengerTop 7 famous Halloween cars

This duo featured in the Quentin Tarantino slasher movie Death Proof. The vehicles were part of a car chase near the end of the movie when a dangerous stunt known as the Ship’s Mast also took place. The main character in the movie was an ex-Hollywood stuntman who enjoyed using so-called “death proof” vehicles to target his victims. The movie starred Hollywood aristocracy including Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson. 

Plymouth Fury

This vehicle stars in the film Christine, which is also the name of the car itself. The car embarked on a series of killings in the movie, including that of a school bully and his acquaintances. The film was based on a book penned by Stephen King. The car has a mind of its own, with a jealous and possessive streak! It made $21 million at the box office in the US. 

The Batmobile

Best Halloween Cars

Next in our list of the top 7 famous Halloween cars is the Batmobile. The vehicle from the Batman movies was originally based on the 1950s Lincoln Futura concept car. This fictitious car has been armed with a whole host of exciting gadgets over the years, including flamethrowers, Bat-Bolas, smoke capsules and stun guns. The Batmobile is surely one of the world’s most famous cars, appearing in every Batman iteration, from movies and TV shows to comic books and video games. 

Oldsmobile Delta 88

This car features in several Evil Dead movies as well as many other titles directed by Sam Raimi. It first appeared on the big screen back in 1991. In the Evil Dead movies, it is driven by Ash Williams. Other movies that the car has been used in include Drag Me To Hell, Spiderman and Crimewave. The fifth movie in the Evil Dead franchise, which is said to be called Evil Dead Rise, is due in 2022. 


Top Halloween Cars Of All Time

An iconic symbol from the Ghostbusters franchise, this car is the main vehicle used by the leading characters. According to reports, the movie was originally going to be titled Ghost Smashers and was set in the future. Reports also say Bill Murray made no money from the original movie, with Eddie Murphy being originally earmarked to play Winston. The original Ghostbusters movie also spawned a huge hit single of the same name, performed by Ray Parker Jr. 

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