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Car Tyres Barnsley How are Car Tyres Made?

When you're cruising down the highway, the last thing on your mind might be the intricate craftsmanship behind the rubber beneath you. But, the creation of car tires is a marvel of engineering, blending science,…

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Are Tyres Vegan?

Veganism is rapidly growing in popularity. The past year has seen companies across the UK introduce new products to cater to the lifestyle — especially in the food and drink industry. But veganism doesn’t only…

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Make something amazing with recycled tyres

Used tyres are a versatile craft material and have been used to make recycled consumer goods for years. Children’s toys, beautiful works of art and entire homes have been made from tyres that have reached…

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Benefits of Winter Tyres

We’re well into the cold snap in the UK, and, as we looked at last month, driving conditions can become much more difficult to handle in the winter. There are many different things we can…

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How to Spot When Your Tyres Need Changing

Like many things, your tyres have a finite shelf life and will become less and less reliable with age. After considerable use they will become worn down, ragged, and will eventually become dangerous to use.…

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