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Driving in Europe: A Complete Guide

There are a number of things that can feel a little daunting when venturing across the continent. While adapting to a new culture isn’t easy, neither is adapting to a new driving system. The mechanics of driving in Europe aren’t wildly different from home, however, there are some important points to remember. In this article, the Wyatt Auto Services team will be looking at these in greater Continue reading

How To Stay Safe On The Road

While the UK’s roads are some of the safest in the world, there are still some frightening statistics when it comes to road traffic accidents. In February 2017, a new set of statistics reported by the Department of Transport demonstrated that vehicle traffic levels had increased by 1.4%. What’s more, in 2016, there were over 182,560 casualties, so an increase is to be expected. In this Continue reading

How To Cool Down a Hot Car

Even when we do eventually get some good weather, us Brits will still find something to complain about, and driving isn’t exempt from this. Here’s one of our least favourite scenarios: leaving our car parked in the sun during the middle of the day and, upon our return, being welcomed with a stifling wall of air when we open the door. So, what do we do about this? What’s the best way to cool Continue reading

What to Do When Your Car Overheats

With summer on the horizon and the mercury on the rise, it’s not uncommon to find that your car has overheated. Although this is a great deal rarer with ultra-modern vehicles and their state-of-the-art cooling systems, even a perfectly tuned vehicle can still overheat in the right conditions – especially in stop-and-go traffic. If you do find that a light on your dashboard starts Continue reading

How To Maintain Your Car’s Interior

If you commute to work in your car, the chances are you spend anywhere between one and three hours travelling per day, probably closer to three if you’re having to deal with rush hour – and that doesn’t even take into account the miles you do after work! So, with all the coffee cups, snack wrappers and other rubbish that accumulates during this time, it’s important to stay on top of Continue reading

How To Prevent Ice On Your Windshield

Although Christmas seems to come and go before you know it, January and February never seem to end – these are the months when winter can be the most frustrating. On top of this, there are various little nuisances we have to watch out for, one of which is an icy windshield. There’s nothing worse than running late for work in the morning to find your windshield frosted over. We feel your Continue reading

What To Do When You Add The Wrong Fuel To Your Car

It’s every motorists worst nightmare: you pull up to the petrol station, park up and absent-mindedly select a nozzle and place it in your car. However, to your horror, you later realise you’ve been pumping your diesel car full of petrol, leaving yourself with a rather big problem. But don’t worry, misfuels happen, especially if you’ve recently swapped to diesel and you’re still in the habit Continue reading

Does My Car Battery Need to be Replaced?

Of all the motoring mysteries, questions surrounding our car batteries can often be the most perplexing. This is in part due to the fact that many of us pay little attention to them. However, as the complexity of our on-board systems increases with each passing year, so does the stress on our batteries. With all this added stress, then, one particular question is becoming more prevalent: does Continue reading

How To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Unfortunately, car batteries can be expensive. You’d think this might be enough to ensure motorists make the most of their current battery while it still works, right? Wrong. Your car battery should last around three to five years, however, most people find theirs only lasts for around one or two. So, the take-home point is this: there are ways in which you can maximize the life of your car’s Continue reading

What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Every year in the UK, there are over 180,000 vehicle breakdowns and roughly 2,500 occur every day. Needless to say, it’s not a question of if we’re going to breakdown, but when. Consequently, although it’s important to do everything we can to prevent a breakdown in the first place, it’s also essential that we know exactly what to do when a breakdown occurs. With this in mind, the team at Continue reading


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