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How To Save Money On Your Car

Purchasing a car can prove to be a rather costly investment, with the inclusion of all the associated costs such as insurance, petrol and maintenance. Here, we will discuss how you can keep running costs to a minimum, so you can enjoy your car without worrying about having to spend too much money on a regular basis.   How To Minimize Your Car’s Running Costs   Shop Around For Continue reading

Why Aren’t Automatic Cars Popular in the UK?

Over in the States, automatic vehicles are ubiquitous. So much so, in fact, that if you want to drive a “stick shift” over there, you might see a raised eyebrow or two. Can you blame them? It does seem to make sense: automatic cars are simpler to drive, they allow you to focus more on your road positioning, and they’re more reliable and less susceptible to driver abuse than a manual. With all Continue reading

The 4 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

The season of gift-giving is upon us, and although much of your shopping is probably done by now, if you’re still struggling with what present you should be buying for the car enthusiast in your life, then the team at Wyatt Auto Services want to help. Let that be our little Christmas gift to you! So, without further delay, here are some ideas that will put a smile on a petrolhead’s face this Continue reading

Which Car Brands Have The Lowest Repair Costs?

When we are looking for a good deal on a new vehicle, it should come as no surprise that most motorists simply look for the cheapest upfront costs. While this is a fairly good tactic and will save you some money, it doesn’t take into account regular future costs such as maintenance. Although maintenance costs don’t seem like a great deal at the time, they can certainly mount up after a while, Continue reading

How Reliable Are Self-Parking Cars?

Autonomous driving is upon us, and while we’re not all sat around twiddling our thumbs while our vehicles ferry us from A to B just yet, we can get them to park for us. Some people don’t mind parking, some people hate it, so for those in the latter camp, the idea of our cars doing the fiddly work for us is a welcome one. However, before you clamour to by a vehicle with this function, there’s Continue reading

The Benefits of Visiting Your Local Garage

Since 2003, motorists haven’t been obliged to have their cars serviced by a franchise dealer, that is, the manufacturer’s garage. Nowadays, we can take our cars where we like. So, with this in mind, why would you take your vehicle to a local garage over a national dealer? There are numerous benefits to opting for a local garage over a national dealer, but these can often be overlooked by the Continue reading

How Does the Summer Heat Affect Your Car?

While we often talk about the negative effects that winter can have on your car and winter driving conditions in general, we talk much less about the damage that hot weather can do to your car. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that, here in the UK, the sun is rarely strong enough to cause our vehicles any problems; however, this year, things changed. Given the overwhelming heatwave Continue reading

Driving in Europe: A Complete Guide

There are a number of things that can feel a little daunting when venturing across the continent. While adapting to a new culture isn’t easy, neither is adapting to a new driving system. The mechanics of driving in Europe aren’t wildly different from home, however, there are some important points to remember. In this article, the Wyatt Auto Services team will be looking at these in greater Continue reading

How To Stay Safe On The Road

While the UK’s roads are some of the safest in the world, there are still some frightening statistics when it comes to road traffic accidents. In February 2017, a new set of statistics reported by the Department of Transport demonstrated that vehicle traffic levels had increased by 1.4%. What’s more, in 2016, there were over 182,560 casualties, so an increase is to be expected. In this Continue reading

How To Cool Down a Hot Car

Even when we do eventually get some good weather, us Brits will still find something to complain about, and driving isn’t exempt from this. Here’s one of our least favourite scenarios: leaving our car parked in the sun during the middle of the day and, upon our return, being welcomed with a stifling wall of air when we open the door. So, what do we do about this? What’s the best way to cool Continue reading


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