When do I need to change my car brakes?

When do I need to change my car brakes?

brakes and clutches being repairedYour brakes are one of the most important components of your car. They let you control the speed of the vehicle and bring it to a halt safely. Therefore, making sure they’re in proper working order is vital. This requires regular inspection and maintenance carried out by a qualified mechanic. If you’re looking for brake replacement in Barnsley, look no further than Wyatt Auto Services. We can replace brakes on many makes and models of car, with all work carried out to the highest standards.

Your yearly MOT or service are both great opportunities for a mechanic to assess the condition of your car’s brakes. However, it’s important not to wait until then if you suspect they’re not working as they should. You should always be vigilant and aware of warning signs that your brakes need some attention. The sooner they’re replaced, the less likely you are in have an accident or be faced with even more expensive repairs to your car’s braking system.

Signs your car brakes need replacing

Brake pads can last anywhere between 25,000 and 60,000 miles or even more. A major factor in how long they last is the way the vehicle is used and driven. If you often drive on busy roads and in high traffic areas, chances are they will wear out more quickly. In any case, all brakes need replacing eventually, and there are some big signs that this time has come. Read on to find out when you need to change your car brakes.

Your brakes aren’t as effective as they used to be

If you’ve noticed that your brakes don’t stop your car as effectively as they used to, it’s a good sign that they need replacing. It’s likely that the brake pads and discs have become old and worn, leading them to grip less well. Other causes could be that the brake fluid has started to absorb moisture over time and become less effective. There’s also the possibility that your car’s hydraulic system is losing fluid or pressure.

Grinding noises

One of the first signs that brakes need replacing is a grinding sound when you use the brakes. Brake pads have a metal wear indicator which makes a noise when it comes into contact with the brake disc. When your pads have worn down this far, there’s a good chance the discs will need replacing too. The grinding sound will be deep and low, like a rumbling growl.

If you hear this noise, it’s essential that you book your car into a local garage as soon as possible. This contact between pads and discs can quickly cause even further damage to your vehicle’s braking system, leading to bigger problems down the line. At Wyatt Auto Services, we specialise in brake replacement in Barnsley, so you can rest assured that we can identify issues with your car’s brakes right away.

brake pad replacementScreeching or squealing noises

As well as grinding sounds, you may also notice screeching or squealing noises when you press the brake pedal. This high-pitched whining noise happens when your brake pads have become old and worn. The cause of this is the small piece of metal called a wear indicator which many manufacturers place in the brake pad. When the brake pad has worn down to a certain level, this wear indicator rubs against the brake rotor, resulting in a squeaking noise. This is a warning that it’s time to change your brakes pads.

Keep in mind that it can be normal for your brakes to make a little noise, particularly when they’re not warm. However, if the screeching noise is continuous and excessive, it’s a good sign that your brakes need inspecting. Don’t wait to see if it gets even worse – book your car in for an inspection right away.

The brake pads look thin

On many vehicles, you can visually inspect the brake pads yourself by looking through the holes in the wheel. To check the life of your brake pads, you need to establish their thickness. If the pads appear thin, less than a quarter of an inch, it may be time to get them inspected and potentially replaced.

The warning light is displayed

If your car’s dashboard is showing the brake warning light, you need to get your car inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. There’s a good chance that your brake hydraulic system has stopped working and must be dealt with immediately to avoid a serious accident.


If you can feel vibrations through your car’s steering wheel or the brake pedal when you slow down, it’s time to get your brakes inspected. Vibrations are a big sign that your brake discs are have become warped. Don’t be tempted to ignore this problem. Continual vibrations can lead to bigger issues with your car’s braking system down the line, with callipers, brake pads, bolts, and other components all at risk of loosening or wearing out.

Your car pulls to the side

Your car should stop straight when you brake. If it doesn’t, you could run into serious difficulties when you hit the brake hard in an emergency. Pulling to one side occurs when you’re the brakes are more worn on one side. Put simply, it’s down to a difference in braking force between the two front wheels, leading the car to pull to the left or right. There’s also the possibility that the brake caliper is sticking and needs inspecting by a mechanic.

Brakes have several ways of telling drivers that they need some attention, so don’t ignore the signs. Whether it’s an unwelcome sound, vibrations through the steering wheel or brake pedal, or a warning light on your dashboard, it’s vital that you’re vigilant and take your car to a local garage as soon as possible. At Wyatt Auto Services, we can carry out brake replacement in Barnsley at a time that’s right for you. All repairs are fully guaranteed. Get in touch today to find out more.

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