Winter road safety

Winter road safety

At Wyatt, we are passionate about helping our clients to stay safe on the roads. We have put together this winter road safety guide to help you protect yourself whilst driving in the winter. Winter requires the most care and preparation out of all the seasons when it comes to motoring. Since it can take much longer for your car to stop when conditions are snowy or icy, it’s even more important to drive at appropriate speeds. It’s also essential that your car is well-maintained and serviced during the winter months to reduce the risk of breakdowns. 

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How can I prepare my car for bad weather?

When you’re preparing to use your car in poor weather, ensure the lights, windows and mirrors are kept clean and free from the ice and snow. Make sure your wipers and lights are working properly and that you’re fully stocked up on anti-freeze. You’ll also need to make sure that your tyres have enough tread depth. Also that they’re maintained at the right pressure.

What should I keep in my car to maintain it during cold weather?What winter checks should you do on your car?

There are certain essentials that you should always have access to when you’re using your car in cold weather. These include a snow or ice scraper, a snow shovel, boots, gloves, hats, water bottles and a first aid kit. You’re also strongly advised to keep a full tank of fuel so you’re covered in the event of any delays.

What other steps should I take to maintain my car in the winter?

Washing your car frequently will help you to manage and remove the salt and dirt. This has a tendency to build up at this time of year. Follow the local and national news forecasts so you know when particularly bad weather is likely to strike. Read on for more winter road safety advice to keep you and others safe during the colder months of the year.

Staying safe whilst driving in the winter

When you’re driving your car during the winter months, try to keep a bigger distance between your car and the one in front than you normally would. Give yourself more time to complete your journeys. Also, ensure your mobile phone remains fully charged so you can ask for help during an emergency. If it has recently been snowing, take care on tree-lined roads. It can take longer for ice to thaw in these environments. This is due to the trees can block the warmth from the sun from reaching the roads’ surfaces. 

You should also drive slowly so you have more room and time to slow down and stop when you need to. Try not to brake or accelerate harshly. If you need to brake on snow or ice without locking your car’s wheels, get into a low gear earlier than you normally would, then let your speed fall and use your brake pedal gently.  

More road safety tips

There are several other winter road safety tips which you need to be aware of if you want to keep the chances of road accidents to a minimum. Be careful when you’re overtaking vehicles which are spreading salt or other de-icer, and keep an eye out for snowploughs which may distribute snow on either side. Try not to overtake unless the lane you want to use has been cleared.

Avoid taking any sudden actions as these could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Drive at a slow speed in the highest gear that you can, accelerating and braking as gently as possible. When taking your car around a bend where it’s more likely that you could lose control, drive very slowly.

Is Your Car Winter ReadyWhat should I do if I experience car trouble?

If you do get into trouble whilst using the roads in the winter, don’t use your mobile phone whilst you are driving. If you have a passenger with you, ask them to make a call or stop somewhere safe if possible. When you’re using the motorway and need help, look for an emergency telephone by the roadside as it will be easier for the breakdown or emergency services to find you.

Get your car winter-ready with an MOT Barnsley

One of the best ways to ensure that your car is ready for winter is to book it in for an MOT Barnsley. Your MOT can help you identify faults that could put your safety at risk so you can quickly rectify them in time for winter driving. We can swiftly carry out repairs to ensure you’re not without your car for any longer than necessary, and we’re able to run MOTs on cars of all makes and models. If your car is over three years old, you’ll be legally obliged to arrange an MOT each year, so if it’s time to bring your vehicle in to get looked over, why not book yours today?

Why choose Wyatt for an MOT in Barnsley?

We are proud to be one of the most popular and trusted independent local garages in South Yorkshire. Furthermore, we carry out all necessary checks using the very latest equipment and technology. We will assess all components thoroughly during your MOT and let you know about any faults we have found. If you want to proceed with repairs, we will take every step necessary to ensure your car is compliant with legal regulations and is safe to drive again.

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