Why is a car MOT important?

Why is a car MOT important?

Is your car due its annual MOT? If so, you may be feeling a little nervous. You might even be questioning “why is a car MOT important?” and wondering if your vehicle can do without one. An MOT is absolutely essential for cars under three years old. You can’t get away with bypassing this vital test. Read on to find out why an MOT is so important. 

What is an MOT? 

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An MOT test determines if a vehicle is roadworthy. The test involves dozens of checks, ranging from the fuel system and brakes to mirrors, lights, seatbelts, exhaust system, and windscreen wipers. Some components aren’t checked, including the engine, gearbox, and clutch. You’ll need to get a mechanic to check these parts separately if you suspect there’s a problem with them. 

Does my car really need an MOT? 

Getting your car MOT tested every year can seem like an unnecessary and costly task. However, this test is vital for ensuring that your car is safe to drive on the roads. Although you may think that your vehicle is in full working order and question why is a car MOT important, there might be a problem with it that you don’t know about. These issues could put you and others at risk if they were to result in an accident. 

Most cars pass their MOT, with around 40% failing. Of these, the damage is usually minimal, with blown bulbs the single biggest cause of failures. However, despite this, many vehicles still have more serious defects that need addressing. Your car might be dangerous to drive, especially if there are issues with the brakes, suspension, lights or tyres, or if there’s a fuel leak. Strikingly, over one million cars in the UK are recorded as dangerous by MOT testers every year, with these vehicles requiring either major repairs or scrapping. 

As well as ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive, an MOT will also help to identify any smaller problems before they become more serious. This can save you money in the long-run. Whilst no one likes to be presented with a VT30 ‘Refusal of MOT Test Certificate’, it means that problems can be repaired swiftly before they develop into potentially dangerous and expensive faults. 

Testing your car’s emissions 

An MOT includes the testing of exhausts emissions. Emissions tests measure the level and concentration of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons released via a car’s exhaust. Testing emissions is important since it will tell you how much pollution your vehicle is producing. The pollutants produced by your car can affect not just your health but also the air quality around you. If it’s found to be releasing too much pollution, your car will be considered dangerous and will fail the MOT. The government has taken a hard stance on emissions due to its carbon-reduction targets. 

Do all cars need an MOT?

The law states that cars over three years old must pass an annual MOT test to show that they’re roadworthy. If your car is new, it won’t need the test. However, you’ll need to ensure you take it for an MOT test as soon as it reaches three years old. Check the vehicle registration document (V5) to find the date it was first registered. Your car will be due its MOT three years after this date. Although, you can book an MOT test up to a month early if you choose.

Some vehicles are exempt from having to get an MOT test. They include goods vehicles powered by electricity that are registered before March 2015; tractors; and some classic vehicles.

What happens if I drive without an MOT?

Why is a car MOT important?

Despite the importance of the MOT test, some people still drive without one. Unfortunately, this is illegal, and if you’re found to be driving without an MOT, you’ll face a penalty. The only exceptions are if the car is under three years old or you’re driving your vehicle to a booked MOT test or from the garage where it’s undergoing repairs. 

You can face a fine of up to £1000 for driving without an MOT. Police might also check your car for problems that make it unroadworthy, potentially leading to a higher fine and points on your driving licence. Driving without an MOT might even invalidate your car insurance, leaving you to pay the costs of repairs and court costs should you have an accident. 

Is an MOT different to a service?

Whilst both an MOT and service check the health of a vehicle, they’re not the same. If your car passes it’s MOT, you can’t assume that it is in perfect working order. This is because the MOT doesn’t cover the condition of various major components working within the vehicle, including the engine, gearbox, and clutch. These parts are assessed during a service. So, whilst it’s vital that your car undergoes at MOT test, it’s also important that regular servicing is carried out. 

How to find an MOT test station

MOT tests are performed at authorised test centres around the country. These centres display the official blue sign with three white triangles. If you’re looking for MOT test centres in Barnsley or Wombwell, look no further than Wyatt Auto Services. Wyatt’s has been testing, servicing and repairing vehicles of all makes and models for many years. The team have a fantastic reputation throughout the local area. 

Contact us 

Now that you know why is a car MOT important, it’s time to ensure that your vehicle has one. Wyatt Auto Services provide MOTs in Barnsley and Wombwell, so why not get in touch to book your car into our garage? Call us on 01226 979 087 to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team. You can also send us a message via the contact form on the website if you prefer. 


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