Which Car Brands Have The Lowest Repair Costs?

Which Car Brands Have The Lowest Repair Costs?

When we are looking for a good deal on a new vehicle, it should come as no surprise that most motorists simply look for the cheapest upfront costs. While this is a fairly good tactic and will save you some money, it doesn’t take into account regular future costs such as maintenance. Although maintenance costs don’t seem like a great deal at the time, they can certainly mount up after a while, which is why it’s important to always take them into account when purchasing a new vehicle.

In this article, the Wyatt Auto Services team will be taking a look at which car brands tend to have the lowest repair cost, so you’re armed with the knowledge for your next purchase.

4. Toyota

Renowned for producing reliable vehicles which stand the test of time, Toyota cars have one of the lowest repair frequencies of all car brands. In fact, they are that reliable that, over a ten year period, you will only have to spend around £4000 on repairs. When compared to BMW (£14,000), you start to see the magnitude of the saving you make.

3. Peugeot

If you are looking for a cheap vehicle which will cost you very little in maintenance, then you can’t go wrong with a Peugeot. Peugeots have an average repair cost of around £251, meaning once you have paid your upfront cost, you won’t be needing to shell out too much after that. However, it’s still a good idea to find a Peugeot with a respectable service history, as you will still find that they break down.

2. Suzuki

With an average repair cost of £234, Suzuki vehicles are also one of the least expensive brands on the market when it comes to maintenance. Also, like other Japanese brands such as Honda and Toyota, Suzuki is also known for its longevity and reliability, meaning that you will not need to do much maintenance to your vehicle over the course of its life in your garage.

1. Ford

If you are looking for a brand with the cheapest average maintenance cost, then Ford is the brand for you. With an average repair cost of £223, you can be secure in the knowledge that any maintenance on your vehicle won’t be breaking the bank. Ford maintenance is so cheap, that the average repair cost is £50 less than a SEAT, which also came in as one of cheapest.

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