What Happens If My Car Fails Its MOT?

What Happens If My Car Fails Its MOT?

mechanic engine inspectionsMOTs can feel like a real chore, especially when you consider the importance behind them. In reality, an MOT doesn’t take a massive amount of time, and the fact that it is a legal requirement should be enough to motivate you to get it booked in. Of course, there is the underlying fear of failing your MOT and wondering what happens should this occur. The good news is that it’s actually very simple, and we hope that this guide takes the weight off your shoulders with regards to that pre-MOT fear.

BY the way, if you would like to check the current MOT status of your car go to this government site https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status

Is it Normal to Fail Your MOT?

Yes, it is completely normal to fail your MOT. In fact, every 2 in 5 cars will fail their MOT and need to retake it after the necessary repairs are complete. So, if you do end up failing your first MOT there is no need to panic. After all, cars go through a lot of wear and tear every year so it is only natural that they would need some work to keep them in good health.

The most common causes of MOT failure are as follows:

  • Lights, 30% of failures
  • Tyres, 10% of failures
  • Brakes, 10% of failures
  • Windscreen, 8% of failures

Can I be Fined for Driving a Car that Failed?

Yes, you can. Legally, you are allowed to drive your car to a garage to have repairs done so that it will pass its MOT retest. However, if you have a fault that is considered severe or dangerous, you do run the risk of a £2500 fine should the police stop you. This is why it is often considered safer and more sensible to leave the car at the testing garage so that it can be repaired there.

Do I Still Need a Service if I Have an MOT?

Yes, a service and an MOT are two very different things and both are exceptionally important for the health of your car. The MOT focuses on the critical safety of your vehicle, ensuring it is roadworthy and safe to use. A service is designed in such a way that it keeps your car running smoothly and tweaks anything that might need adjustment in order to make sure this happens.

As a result of this, each service covers vastly different aspects of car health and maintenance. For example, oil and air filters are changed during a car service but these areas are not even touched during an MOT. Servicing is a regular requirement by car lenders when you lease your car, and it also makes vehicles much more attractive for future buyers.

What Happens if I Fail My MOT?

MOTs at Wyatt Auto ServicesIf you fail your MOT, there is no need to panic. The test centre will provide you with a VT30 certificate, and this will detail what your vehicle has failed on so that you can have it repaired quickly. It should be noted that the pass and fail categories changed in 2018 and are as follows.

Dangerous Fault. You will not be able to drive your car away from the test centre if they perform repairs there. If you want the repairs done at a different garage, you will have to get it towed there which can incur extra expenses.

Major Fault. If the car is still roadworthy and the current MOT has not yet expired, you might be able to drive it away and take it to the garage of your choice.

Minor Fault. You can drive it away and take it to another garage for repair. These faults are not usually concerning regarding road safety, so taking it a short distance to a new garage is considered safe.

There is a pretty big benefit to keeping your vehicle at the garage you have the MOT test at. This is because if you fail your MOT and have the repairs done there, you will usually find that the retest is free. If you take the vehicle somewhere else and then back to the garage you had the MOT at, you will generally find that they charge a fee – although this tends to be discounted.

How Do I Check My MOT Status?

It’s really easy to check the status of your MOT. All you need to do is visit the government website and enter the registration of your vehicle. It will even give you a quick rundown of any faults that were noted on the last MOT so that you can keep track of your car’s health history.

This is a feature that is really handy when you are looking at buying a used car. A glimpse into the MOT history gives you a good idea of how well the car has been treated, and the areas that may have been neglected over the course of its life. It helps you to make a clearer decision and also reassures you about the quality of the car you are about to buy or take over.

To Conclude

Failing your MOT can feel like the end of the world, but the good news is that you can have the work done quickly and the retest carried out right after. If you are searching for a Car MOT Barnsley, we are just the people for you. Our team of experienced experts is here to help you through the process, ensuring that your vehicle is meeting legal requirements and is completely safe for use on the road. Just give us a call and arrange an appointment.

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