What Do I Do If My Car Fails Its MOT?

What Do I Do If My Car Fails Its MOT?

All vehicle owners, at some point or another, end up worrying about whether or not their vehicle is going to pass its MOT. After all, an MOT is an essential part of owning a vehicle, and if it fails, as 40% of drivers experience every year, then ultimately your vehicle cannot be driven on the road legally. But what, exactly, do you do to rectify this issue if your vehicle does fail its MOT? Well, in this article we’ll be addressing just that.

VT30 Certificate

If your vehicle fails its MOT, the test centre will then issue you a VT30 certificate, a ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’. This will include your vehicle’s details, the MOT test number and a list of the reasons why it didn’t pass. You’ll need to retain your VT30 for when you come to having your vehicle retested or if you wish to appeal against the failure.


Retesting Your Vehicle

In order to get things back to normal, you’ll need to repair your vehicle and have it retested. To drive your vehicle legally, you need a valid MOT certificate, so it is absolutely essential that you have a retest before your current MOT certificate expires. The issues named on your VT30 must be addressed and then you can go in for a retest.

You have a number of options available to you immediately after your vehicle fails its MOT. Firstly, you can leave the vehicle at the test centre to be fixed if they also do repairs. If you have your vehicle repaired in less than 10 working days, test centres will offer a partial retest, wherein they’ll test only the failure issues detailed on your VT30.

You can also take your vehicle away to repair it elsewhere and return it to your test centre within one working day for a partial retest.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your car repaired elsewhere and brought back within 10 working days. You’ll have to pay a nominal fee for a partial retest, roughly half the full cost of the original test.

If you bring your vehicle in for a retest after 10 working days, you will have to pay for a full MOT again.

However, it’s worth noting that if your vehicle has failed its MOT or has an expired certificate, you cannot drive it on the road. It is illegal unless you are driving your vehicle to be repaired or for its MOT. Nevertheless, it must still be roadworthy at all times – if there are major faults with the vehicle and it isn’t safe to drive, you cannot drive it, even to a garage!


Can I Appeal?

You can appeal a failed MOT if you feel that your vehicle has been unjustly failed. Of course, you should first discuss the reasons why your vehicle failed with the test centre, but if you still feel that your vehicle should have passed you should refrain from making any repairs or modifications – doing so may void your appeal.

To appeal, you should obtain a complaint form, complete it and send it to the DVSA within 14 working days of the original test date. Then an alternative appointment to retest your vehicle will be scheduled. You will have to pay a full MOT testing fee, but you will receive a full or partial refund if your appeal is then successful and your vehicle passes.

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