Tips on how to drive economically

Tips on how to drive economically

It’s easy to save money as you drive when using these simple tips to make your driving habits more economical. There are savings to be had, both in fuel and maintenance costs. Follow these tips to make your car as economical as possible.

The basics:

  • Have your car serviced annually to ensure that it is in top working order
  • Use the correct engine oil for your car (check the handbook)
  • Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure; under inflated tyres cause drag


Extra tips:

  • Remove extra weight from your boot: wellies, hampers, sports bags, etc.
  • Remove roof bars and boxes as these increase drag, same goes for novelty flags which cause a 2% drop in fuel efficiency, per flag
  • Combine short trips; do all your errands at once to avoid cold starts
  • Consider walking or cycling; one or two miles can be covered much quicker than you think


When driving:

  • Smooth progression: accelerate gently and look ahead so you can anticipate braking
  • Rolling, not stopping; for example, if the lights are red up ahead consider slowing to a rolling pace, rather than pulling up at the lights
  • Use your aircon on the motorway; this is the most efficient way to cool down the cabin
  • Roll windows down at slower speeds; keeping cool at slower speeds is best done with the windows rolled down


  • Use a higher gear; gears are effective across a wide range of the rev band, so change up earlier to use less fuel
  • Turn off all unused electrics: start with headlamps, aircon, heater, window heaters, headrest TVs (if you are lucky enough to have them), mirror heaters, etc.
  • Drive at a legal speed; you could be using 25% more fuel driving at 80mph rather than 70mph, and only gaining an average of seven minutes on your journey time

Other variables:

  • Avoid rush hour; the average speed of a car in UK during rush hour is 8mph and that same average car is stationary 70% of the time
  • Plan your journey: getting lost and missing motorway junctions eats up fuel
  • Don’t warm your car up; it used to be the case that warming a car up avoided unnecessary strain on its components, but modern cars aren’t quite as fussy and moving off sooner rather than later will warm the engine quicker anyway


Whatever car you drive, it is possible to cut down on fuel bills and help the environment by following some, or all, of these driving tips. The AA conducted a test with their staff in 2012 that proved economical driving principles saved them at least 10% on the weekly fuel bill, with the ultra eco-savvy saving a whopping 33%. See what you can do for the environment and your wallet next time you get behind the wheel.

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