The most common signs that your car electrics are failing

The most common signs that your car electrics are failing

Don’t underestimate the importance of your car’s electrical system. Not only is it essential for starting the vehicle, but it also keeps it running as you drive it. Your car’s electrics are also responsible for the functioning of your headlights, radio, central locking mechanism, and various other features. Read on to discover some of the most common signs that your car electrics are failing. 

5 big signs your car has an electrical problem

The electrical system is of critical importance for the safe running of your car. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure you know the most common signs that your vehicle’s electrics are failing. Educating yourself on this in advance ensures that you can arrange for a mechanic to inspect your car as quickly as possible once you notice a problem. Wyatt Auto Services are on hand to do this for you, with our technicians able to fix a wide range of car electrical issues. Here are 5 big signs your car has an electrical problem. 

Your car won’t start The most common signs that your car electrics are failing

If your car won’t start, this is a good sign that there’s a problem with the battery, alternator or the starter motor. A dead battery is the most likely reason why your car won’t start. The battery supplies electrical power to the whole car and its electrical components such as the lights and radio. 

If you turn the key and nothing happens, see if the interior lights come on when you open the door. If they’re not working, the problem is most likely a dead battery. However, if the lights are on but the engine won’t start, the problem is probably your alternator. If you can hear a clicking noise when turning the key, the problem is likely the starter motor. Visit Wyatt Autos for car electric repairs in Wombwell if your vehicle won’t start. 

Battery damage or leakage 

It’s a good idea to inspect your car’s battery occasionally to check for corrosion stains or other build-up around the terminals. Both of these can indicate that the battery has a leak, is faulty, or is coming to the end of its life. A leaking battery is damaged and should be quickly removed from a vehicle and properly disposed of. Be careful not to touch any fluids leaking from the battery since they can be corrosive and cause damage to bare skin. 

Your lights are dimmer than normal

When your car’s electrics are working as they should, you can expect your lights to burn bright. However, if there’s a problem with the electrical system, you can expect them to be dimmer than normal. A faulty battery or wiring connection may be to blame due to insufficient voltage supply. The battery may be charging slower or be struggling to hold a charge which can lead to the headlights dimming under certain conditions. The alternator or voltage regulator may also be responsible for issues with your car’s light. 

A burning smell inside the car

Since your car engine is an internal combustion engine, there’s plenty of burning action within the vehicle whenever you drive it. However, you shouldn’t smell burning whilst you’re driving. If you do, you should stop the car right away and take it to the nearest garage to be checked. The smell could be coming from the electrical wire casing burning, which is very serious since it could cause the vehicle to short circuit. This can cause the car to burn and even explode in some cases. Pull over immediately and kill the engine if you smell burning in your car. Don’t risk continuing to drive your car any further until you have had the burning smell investigated by a fully trained auto technician. 

MOT in BarnsleyFuses keep blowing 

Electrical surges in your car will blow a fuse exactly as they do in your home. If you keep replacing fuses, there’s likely an electrical problem somewhere in the vehicle. The problem could range from faulty wiring to malfunctioning electrical devices. If you keep on having to replace fuses, get your car booked into a garage so that a diagnostics test can be carried out. This can help to pinpoint where electrical surges are coming from.

Car electric repairs in Wombwell 

If you have noticed any of the above signs of car electrical problems, it’s time to get your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic. Our mechanics are skilled in repairing electrical systems in various makes and models of cars. We’re fully trained to carry out work on Vauxhall, Peugeot, Skoda, Ford, Toyota, Citroën, Renault, and Mercedes cars. We always use official parts from the manufacturer, allowing us to ensure a vehicle’s warranty remains intact. You can rest assured that all work will be carried out to the highest possible standards by skilled mechanics. 

Don’t risk ignoring a problem with your car’s electrical system. Electrical faults in your vehicle can potentially be very dangerous and can even cause accidents or even result in fatalities in some cases. An electrical issue in your car isn’t likely to go away on its own, so get your vehicle booked into a local garage as soon as possible. 

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Now that you know the most common signs that your car electrics are failing, you may be looking for an experienced mechanic to inspect your vehicle. If so, look no further than Wyatt Auto Services. We can carry out a range of car electric repairs in Wombwell. Call us on 01226 979 087 to book your car into our fully equipped auto centre. Alternatively, send us a message via the website or email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. 


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