The 4 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

The 4 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

The season of gift-giving is upon us, and much of your shopping is probably done by now. If you’re still struggling with what present you should be buying for the car enthusiast in your life, then the team at Wyatt Auto Services want to help. We take a look at the 4 best Christmas gifts for car lovers. This will be our little Christmas gift to you!

So, without further delay, here are some ideas that will put a smile on a petrolhead’s face this Christmas.

The 4 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Best Gifts For Car Lovers

4.    A Christmas hamper with a twist…

Christmas hampers are an odd choice of gift – they’re all style no substance. What looks like a rather large present is actually a wicker box filled with a series of much smaller presents. These can be seasonally-appropriate cheeses and jams which, quite frankly, we could do without.

So, here’s our suggestion: a crate filled with high-quality auto care products! Most car lovers worth their salt spend more time washing their car than they care to admit. Therefore a box full of vehicle care goodies seems like the perfect gift. Simply pick out some sponges, cloths, cleaning solution and good quality engine oil and put it in a container of your choosing. They will be thrilled!

3. Driving gloves

Christmas Present

Despite being rendered obsolete by heated steering wheels and a little old-fashioned, there’s something undeniably sophisticated about a pair of leather driving gloves. And they’re practical: they can keep your hands warm during the autumn and winter without sacrificing grip, and they can protect a new steering wheel from dirt and oil, too.

2. Smartphone windscreen mount


In 2018, our phones have become the only device we really need on a car journey. It’s a sat nav and an entertainment station all rolled into one, only if you can mount it, however. The great thing about purchasing one of these for a car lover is that it’s exactly the sort of thing that they would end up avoiding buying themselves. It’s not quite as exciting as a new performance part, is it?

1. Dash cam

In a similar vein to the suggestion above, dash cams are something that many motorists would rather not buy – no one wants to have to worry about what they would do in the event of a crash! But, unfortunately, collisions happen, and when they do, it’s best to be prepared, it could end up saving them a great deal of money on insurance payouts. So do them a favour – buy them a dash cam!

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