How To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

How To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Unfortunately, car batteries can be expensive. You’d think this might be enough to ensure motorists make the most of their current battery while it still works, right? Wrong. Your car battery should last around three to five years, however, most people find theirs only lasts for around one or two.

So, the take-home point is this: there are ways in which you can maximize the life of your car’s battery which you should investigate. To aid you in this process, this month, Wyatt Auto Services are bringing you some simple tips and tricks to make your car battery last longer.

Minimise your accessories

The complexity of our car’s accessories accelerates far quicker than the power or size of their batteries. Consequently, we have more and more gadgets every year powered by roughly the same lead acid battery. Our tip: go easy on the aftermarket accessories. Complex audio and camera systems will drain your battery, especially if they are aftermarket parts. As such, consider carefully what you feel you do and don’t need in your vehicle – it could save your car battery’s life!

Protect your battery against the seasons

Your car battery, although large, needs to be tended to if it is to survive. When exposed to extreme temperatures, your battery’s life is reduced dramatically, so it’s best to take measures to avoid this. In hot weather when your car is running constantly, a thermal battery wrap or blanket will be a huge help in keeping your battery cool.

However, it might be worth investing in one with heating elements because, when winter arrives, that same thermal blanket will be useful to prevent freezing.

Keep your battery clean

This one is non-negotiable. Although corrosion is inevitable on the terminals of your car battery, slowing this process down is the key to proper maintenance. As such, cleaning your terminals monthly will go a long way to extending your battery’s life. For simplicity, you can simply pour supermarket cola over the corroded areas and scrub with a toothbrush. Be sure to let it dry once you have finished, though, and if you want to avoid corrosion for next time, rub some petroleum jelly on it, too!

Keep your battery secure

This may be a simpler measure than the others, but it is just as important. If your battery is not secure, or is allowed to shuffle around, this greatly increases the chances of it short-circuiting. Not only will this ruin your battery, but also creates an easily avoidable safety hazard.

So, make sure you secure it! This may involve checking and swapping your cables, and making sure nothing can rub up against your battery repeatedly.

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