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Driving in Europe: A Complete Guide

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Driving in Europe: A Complete Guide

There are a number of things that can feel a little daunting when venturing across the continent. While adapting to a new culture isn’t easy, neither is adapting to a new driving system. The mechanics of driving in Europe aren’t wildly different from home, however, there are some important points to remember. In this article, the Wyatt Auto Services team will be looking at these in greater detail, so you’re armed with the knowledge to drive safely around Europe.

Everything You Need To Know Before Driving In Europe


The first thing to take note of is that, as you will be driving on the right, vehicles will move counterclockwise! While this is obvious, it can be an extremely odd sensation at first.

Secondly, while there might be no problems entering and using the roundabout, you’re almost guaranteed not to know your exit. So, what’s the fix? Well, instead of trying to leave the roundabout on your first trip round, make it standard operating procedure to do at least one full circuit before leaving, in order to stake out your options properly. While these roundabouts can be daunting, if you have a map, someone to help you navigate and an I-can-always-go-round-again attitude, you will be fine.

Driving with children

Most countries require safety seats for children under the age of three and some – Germany, for example, require booster seats for older children. However, in nearly all countries, children under the age of 12 aren’t allowed to travel in the front seat without a booster seat. There are even some countries which ban children travelling in the front seat under any circumstances, and have rules for children up to the age of 18.

Drinking and driving

While the legal blood-alcohol limit varies across Europe, in some countries – France, for example – all cars must carry an unused breathalyser onboard. While this will be supplied if your rental starts in France, if it starts elsewhere, you will need to enquire about this.

Speed limits

Speed limits in France can be confusing, as they change according to the weather, your vehicle and the type of road you’re on. For instance, the speed limit on a toll motorway in dry weather is 80 mph, but when wet this reduces to 68mph. With this in mind, it’s important to be wary of exactly what roads you are driving on and the variables which may affect the speed limit.


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