Does Car Servicing Improve My MPG?

Does Car Servicing Improve My MPG?

car servicing at wyatt auto servicesIt’s frustrating when a car isn’t able to go as far as it should, or the mileage seems to have decreased over time. The mistake that many people make is ignoring this, thinking that it is something they cannot control and simply have to deal with. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and the fact is that you could actually improve your car’s functionality and get it pushing that much further when you’re on the road. How? Well, it’s actually very simple.

What is MPG and Why is it Important?

MPG stands for miles per gallon. This refers to how much fuel your vehicle consumes when it is running – specifically how many miles you will get from each gallon. If you look at the average MPG, you will find that it tends to be 38 for urban driving (cities and around town) before stretching to 55 on the open road.

It’s important because it tells you how far your car can travel before you need to stop and refuel, which then links into fuel efficiency. The higher your MPG, the further you can go and the more fuel-efficient your car is. It really is that simple, and it’s also why people pay close attention to this feature before they buy a car.

car diagnostics checks barnsleyCan Servicing Improve Your MPG?

Yes, servicing can improve your MPG and help you run a more efficient operation. This is because a service checks the spark plugs, and changes them if needed. Additionally, it takes a look at the oil levels and filter, and will change these if they are in need of it. It ensures that everything is moving smoothly and this will also improve the MPG as the engine runs more efficiently.

How Else Can You Improve MPG?

Servicing your car is not the only way you can improve the MPG. There are actually several other factors that can impact how far your car can travel before you need to make a pit stop.

Tyre Pressure

Your tyres will lose air naturally, and so you need to ensure that they are topped up every month. This isn’t just for the health of your tyre, but also reduces the rolling resistance of the road. What this means is that fuel efficiency is increased.

Buy the Right Tyres

Did you know that tyres account for 20% of your fuel consumption? That’s a pretty high number, and also why you have to make sure you check out the EU tyre label before you buy. This is because it will clearly outline the fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise of each tyre. It makes it easier for you to choose, and also gives you the chance to boost your MPG.

Lighter Loads

The weight of your vehicle plays a part in the amount of fuel that you use. Heavy vehicles require more, which means the MPG is lowered – especially in urban environments where you need to start and stop regularly. Try to resist using your car as storage and keep the contents as light as possible unless you need to load it up with something heavier.

Less Air Conditioning

First, try to limit how much you use the air conditioning, and turn it off completely when you are stuck in traffic. This reduces the amount of fuel used to power it. Secondly, get the system regassed every two years so that it keeps working efficiently. If it runs out of gas, the engine will work extra hard to try and pump cold air out which takes more fuel.

Clean the Fuel System

The tank needs treatment too, and this is actually a fairly inexpensive way to increase the MPG. Deposits build up in the fuel tank over time, causing things like engine surges and loss of power. Fuel system cleaners will remove the deposits without damaging your vehicle, and will boost the MPG because it will run more efficiently after cleaning.

Check Wheel Alignment

This is important for your overall safety, as well as to ensure that the tyres are spinning correctly on the axis. Correct wheel alignment will reduce the rolling resistance on the road, which we have already learned it vital for improving the MPG.

Drive Sensibly

Part of this is down to you and the way you drive. Bad driving habits like speeding and excessive acceleration at high revs will cause you to burn through fuel quickly. Sudden braking will also negatively impact the MPG. Adopt sensible driving habits that will help you maintain a healthy MPG and ensure that you are more fuel-efficient.

What Other Benefits Does Servicing Have?

Servicing your car is excellent for the MPG, but it does have other benefits for your vehicle too. You can find our detailed guide to the importance of a service here, but we also have a quick list that you can take a look at below:

  • Keeps the engine running smoothly
  • Ensures the brakes are functioning
  • Check the tyres are legal
  • keep s the tracking and steering steady
  • Maintains the interior and repairs wear and tear
  • Ensures the car is safe to drive
  • Saves money on roadside assistance in the long run

In Summary

The good news is that your MPG can be improved quite impressively. The even better news is that we are here to offer you reliable and professional Car Servicing in Barnsley, Wombwell. With affordable pricing and a thorough inspection of your vehicle, you’ll leave feeling more confident in your vehicle and offer you greater peace of mind.

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