Average Cost of Different Repairs in the UK

Average Cost of Different Repairs in the UK

When it comes to car maintenance, the cost of repairs can vary depending on what needs work. But it isn’t just the cost of parts or labour that dictates the price. The area in which you live can have an impact on how much you pay for basic repairs. Those who reside in East Anglia are more likely to pay premium prices than motorists in Manchester and Liverpool, who are given more affordable quotes.average repair costs

We’re on hand to outline the average costs for certain repairs around the UK. Be aware, these average prices could vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.


Car Repair Costs in The UK


The Cheapest Repairs

Brake Pads & Discs

Cities with the lowest average prices: Bangor, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Liverpool

Brake pads are steel backing plates that are bound with friction material. They face the disc brake motor, so when the brakes are applied, hydraulic fluid in the calliper pushes the pads against each side of the rotating brake disc. Friction is then produced which slows and stops the vehicle.

To know if yours needs replacing, a warning light will generally come on, but before then, you may hear a loud screeching, or feel the car pulling more to one side than the other. You might even be able to see the outer pad to check for wear and tear.

It could cost anywhere between £126.01 (Bangor) and £161.14 (Sheffield).


Mid-Range Repairs

Repairing a Cambelt

Cities with the lowest average prices: Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham

Otherwise known as a timing belt, or a timing chain, a cambelt is a fundamental part of the internal combustion engine. If it cracks, tears or snaps, it could cause expensive engine damage.

To get a rough idea about how frequently it should be replaced, refer to the vehicle handbook. A reputable garage should make you aware of its condition and if it’s due to be replaced in the near future.

A replacement could set you back anywhere between, £256.16 (Birmingham) and £322.54 (Glasgow).


The Most Expensive Repairs

Clutch Replacement

Cities with the lowest average prices: Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow

Simply, the clutch transmits power from the engine to the gearbox. Essentially, it isolates the engine from the gearbox, allowing you to change gears. It should be quite easy to work out if your clutch needs replacing. You can determine whether you need a clutch repair or replacement by looking out for strong smells, a ‘bite point’ which is higher than it was before, a spongy clutch and difficulty changing gears.

Having a clutch replaced could be considered as one of the pricier repairs, generally coming in between £363.46 (Birmingham) and £487.01 (Cardiff).


Gearbox Repairs

Cities with the lowest average prices: Sheffield, Newcastle, York, Birmingham

A gearbox is an intricate piece of machinery. As a result of having several moving parts, there are many problems which could arise. If you experience noise whilst in neutral, a dragging clutch, a burning smell, shaking, grinding or humming noises, it could be an early sign that your gearbox needs repairing or replacing.

It could cost between £270.08 (Sheffield) and £411.06 (Southampton) for a gearbox repair, depending on what it is that needs fixing. A full gearbox replacement could cost upwards of £500.


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